80% Computer Scientist, 20% Mathematician. Searching for a career in software development.

Python, Java, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MatLab.

My Work

A section dedicated to the work I have done. This includes a link to coding projects on my GitHub and GitLab accounts and reports I have written.


KJFJ Website (currently being developed)

Description: KJFJ is a tutorial website I have been developing in my spare time for a while. It uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the Django framework. The plan is to have tutorials for Python, Java and C++.

Biofilm Simulation

Description: A microbiology project which simulates the growth of a biofilm. A better description of the mathematics is given in the reports section. This is coded in C++ using the Qt library.

Jasper Modules

Description: Jasper is a Python voice-controller AI. There is also the ability to code your own modules to work with Jasper. The modules include the use of REST APIs. More information on Jasper can be found here.

Block Breaker

Description: One of the first programs I coded was an arcade style brick breaker game in Python. It was developed using the Pygame library and is a small game that I would like to improve at some point.


Biofilm Report

Description: This is a report based on the code above. It is an analysis of the results produced by the biofilm simulation. Analysis of the mathematical methods is included as well as the reasons for the software implementation that was used. LaTeX was used to produce the document.

Thin Film Flow Project

Description: As part of a paid internship at the University of Leeds I had to research the solutions of a system of equations that modelled thin film flow. I was required to find different mathematical solutions and program the simulation using MATLAB. As this was for the university the code is unavailable.

System Administration

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